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Muncie Indoor Security Cameras: See What's Going On Inside Your House Even When You're Gone

Indoor security cameras provide an extra level to your residential security system in Muncie. And they’re available with our Video Lite or Video and Home Automation Bundle.

Get an up-to-the-minute feed of what your children and pets are doing during the day, save video clips, and receive alerts when your cameras sense movement in your home. And since they aren’t hardwired, it’s a breeze to relocate your indoor cameras to another room if you want.

adt Indoor security cameras in Muncie  

Features Of Your Muncie Indoor Camera

Your indoor camera helps you keep an eye on your home when you’re not there and includes:

  • Robust HD Video In : High-definition video so it’s easy to know who’s up and about, even when the lights are low.

  • Motion Activated Detectors: When your camera detects motion, it will deliver a video clip to your phone.

  • Wireless Install: There’s no hardwiring needed, so you can put your cameras anywhere near an outlet. Plus, your camera’s compact size ;]*)(;|$)'); return v ? v[2] : null; } if(paramNames !== null && paramNames !== undefined && paramNames.length !== 0 ) { paramNames.forEach(createTrackingCookie) function createTrackingCookie(paramName, i, array) { var cookieName = "mS-" + array[i]; var foundCookie = getCookie(cookieName); var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(; var paramValue = urlParams.get(array[i]); if(paramValue !== null && paramValue !== undefined) { document.cookie = cookieName + " = " + paramValue; } } }