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Window inside home with a view to yard
June 24, 2024

How To Burglar-Proof Windows In Muncie

It’s a nightmare situation for homeowners - a thief sneaking through a window and into your house. You come home to see valuables missing and your house in disarray. Fortunately, there are a few worthwhile options for protecting your most targeted entry points. Learn how to burglar-proof windows in Muncie and explore the advantages of a comprehensive security system.

Set Off Your Alarm With Entry Point Sensors

If a burglar tries to enter through a window, your alarm needs to go off, and you should be alerted right away, even if you’re away. You may enjoy this connectivity when using fully integrated entry point sensors in Muncie. Choose from these available options:

  • Contact sensors: Uncomplicated and effective, contact sensors establish a magnetic field by using a two-piece system. The field is disturbed as the window goes up, signaling your alarm to trigger. You can utilize contact sensors on windows, doors, and other locations like pool enclosures.
  • Glass break sensors: Some thieves may simply attempt to smash a window instead of opening it. Prepare for this possibility with glass break sensors. You can come across acoustic sensors that detect sound, other types that recognize vibration from glass shattering, and some that perceive both.

Regardless of your choice, the sensors will trip your alarm and even alert you by way of your mobile device’s home security app.

Track Activity With Motion Detection Devices In Muncie

If a thief comes up to your residence and is all the sudden blasted with light, he will likely depart. Motion-detection lighting are highly effective in keeping trespassers away from windows. Put them strategically within proximity of your windows. On the interior, you can use standalone motion sensors as another line of defense. You'll know if someone goes into a space they’re not welcome in.

Discourage Intruders With Video Surveillance And A Security Sign

If a bright light is unable to keep prowlers away from your home, video surveillance will often take care of it. Merely the presence of cameras is typically enough to frighten off intruders. Modern devices will even integrate with your other features. Prompt lights to illuminate and get prompt alerts sent to your smartphone and monitoring agents. Home security signage provides an extra indication that your property is not a suitable target.

Extra Ways To Burglar-Proof Windows In Muncie

Your home’s security system and its integrated equipment will burglar-proof windows in Muncie, but they aren’t the only choice. Review these extra burglar-proofing ideas:

  • Attach window bars. This solution may be used outside or inside. There are basic and more ornamental bars, in addition to several attachment modes. Select from swing-away, removable, or fixed.
  • Upgrade existing window locks and hardware. Select stronger, more secure locks, and use tamper-resistant screws that are challenging to remove.
  • Add window security screens. Strong, stainless-steel screens are not easy to bypass.
  • Use window security film.Easy-to-use security film can be customized to your window’s precise dimensions. It performs similarly to windshield glass and blocks the window from shattering into your living space.
  • Think about shatter-resistant glass. This specialty glass is very durable and holds firm against break-ins. It splinters into a spiderweb while keeping its shape. It can also safeguard against storm-related damage.

Defend Your Windows And Your Entire Home With Secure24 Alarm Systems

Find the latest tools to burglar-proof your windows and the rest of your Muncie home by reaching out to Secure24 Alarm Systems. We have the latest surveillance cameras, motion sensing options, and entry point sensors to keep you totally secure. Call (765) 221-8081 today to design your home security package.